10 Wohnideen zum Ausziehen | Sweet Home

10 Wohnideen zum Ausziehen | Sweet Home

One reason for the lust for life in rural areas is perhaps the availability of houses with lots of space. Apartments in urban areas seldom offer large spaces. In addition, we can add so many things to each room in our house that we no longer know how to handle it. Still, we want our homes to look as fabulous as any palace. Serenity, space, comfort and elegance. Well, nothing is wrong with wishing for more. You only have to make an effort to fulfill your wishes.


If you have a small bedroom or a small living room, you can not change the size of the rooms, but you can change things so that you can enjoy more space and comfort. You can change the interior design of your SMALL BEDROOM to look bigger and in a better location than before. Start by saying goodbye to the UN necessary things. You know very well what you need every day in your bedroom. Colors and light decide wisely. Dark colors and faint light give your room a sense of overload. Use bright, bright colors with the correct lighting position. Select the curtains accordingly.


Beds ... .. The first and most important thing when setting up a bedroom is a fact bed that turns your bed into a BEDROOM. If you have a partner, you must have a queen size bed. If you need a single bed just for yourself, you may also consider the loft beds with small bedside tables with a few drawers. A small desk with a comfortable chair in the corner with a small lamp is also enough. Consider cupboards with dividers and mirrors for storage. Remember that you DESIGN SMALL BEDROOM. Do not bring your kitchen or living room to your bedroom.

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