11 tile design ideas to make a small kitchen feel bigger

Just as it does for the walls, a herringbone pattern on the floor creates lines that draw the eye outwards, making the kitchen floor look wider and longer. The benefit of choosing a gloss finish tile, too? Reflected light makes the room feel bigger and brighter. #kitchen #kitchenextension

There are some places at home where you can not laminate the floor with wood. Bath and kitchen are two examples. Due to the nature of the function of bathrooms and kitchens, you simply can not choose wood floors. But you can still use tiles that look like wood to achieve the best living quality. Wood has a great look and brings warmth and a sense of functionality to the environment.

Making tiles that look like wood will make your flooring options wider and more elegant. With the variations of color and shades of brown that match the natural color of wood, the tiles get a touch of natural look. In the pictures below you can see the many different shades of brown. The rough and colorful surface of the tiles gives the interior a cool feeling of being connected to nature.

These pictures are just an idea, and you have countless ways to make this "wood" floor in your kitchen and bathroom practical. As the tiles are known to be the most durable option for floors, you can abandon the idea of ​​wood lamination. Tiles are not worn out at any time soon.

The maintenance is zero to very low. No polishing and no other care products for wood lamination. It's about washing or wiping the floor every time you feel like it. Tiles that look like wood are a brilliant idea for your home, not just for the kitchen or bathroom, but for every place you love!

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