12 brillante Möglichkeiten, eine kleine Wäscherei mit kleinem Budget zu organi…

12 brillante Möglichkeiten, eine kleine Wäscherei mit kleinem Budget zu organisieren – #brillante #Budget #eine #kleine #kleinem

It's a breeze to find all the details about your laundry, ironing clothes, shoe care, etc. in one place. Your small laundry room ideas help you to organize yourself in the best possible way. The small room, which is considered a disadvantage, can be a better place to organize. You can combine all your needs with washing, removing stains, drying and sometimes ironing the clothes in one place.

Use every corner of your small laundry room to make the most of it. From the attachment of some cabinets to small shelves on the walls to the placement of a small side table in a corner, you can make the most of your laundry room. Store one or two baskets in a corner or on the shelves of the cabinet to house dirty clothes. Sort them out, less dirty in one basket and completely dirty in another basket.

If you have a collection of bottles of bleach, stain remover, laundry powder, and other accessories such as rubber gloves, pegs, and pins, get another basket for them. Store all the accessories in one section and the detergent in another, or get two baskets to simplify the organization.

Immediately after a mild drying, there must be a place to hang up cotton shirts and other clothing. Have some plastic straps ready as they are a safer option for wet clothing. With these and many of your own little laundry ideas, you can organize your place well and have fun while working.

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