3 atemberaubende Tricks: Upcycled Lampenschirme Projekte grüne Lampenschirme be…

3 atemberaubende Tricks: Upcycled Lampenschirme Projekte grüne Lampenschirme bemalte Lampen … #atemberaubende #grune #lampenschirme #projekte

Since the bedroom does not need more ambient light than the living room or kitchen, a lamp with lampshade and dimmer provides a soothing and relaxing cool light.

The shade not only provides a perfect mood to relax, but is also an integral part of your bedroom design. Here are some tips on how to choose the best color to create a calming mood in your lamps.

Change your lampshades regularly

Most lamps usually look great with different screens. So why buy the same old umbrella again and again? Do not buy a lampshade that looks the same as the one you replaced. Make your room come alive with every purchase and rejuvenate it with new color styles.

Choose the right shape

The shape of the lampshade usually follows the contour of the lamp. This is not a rule, but in most cases, that's what happens. For example, if your lamp base is curved, select an equally curved shade. If the base is straight, choose a shadow with straight edges. For floor-heavy lamps, choose conical shades to make the light appear brighter.

Look at the details

If you have a contemporary decor, choose ribbed tones. Choose pleated tones for a casual and cozy decor. A shadow with shell edges gives a friendly, relaxed mood. This is a perfect choice for bedrooms. Last but not least, a bell-shaped umbrella is more versatile and fits in a variety of decors. The colors should match the decor color theme of your room.

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