45 DIY massive Holzmöbel aus Paletten

45 DIY massive Holzmöbel aus Paletten – umweltfreundlich und nützlich

There are many different garden furniture that you can see around you. There are many that are made of wood. The most popular material and therefore the appearance of wood in furniture making is widespread. There are different types of wood from which you can produce wooden terrace furniture. The different woods would give you different durability and use. Some of the forests are not suitable for outdoor use, others require more care. However, the most commonly used wood is teak. This is popular because of its durability. This tree is resistant to all weather conditions.

Care of the wooden terrace furniture

Like all the different types of furniture that you can see around you, the wooden patio furniture can be cared for in the same way. The color of the furniture can be changed with varnish and color. But you also need to add some wood conditioners. However, you can decide for yourself which type you want to use. There are also some eco-friendly ideas that are environmentally friendly and less chemical.

The color of the wood

As nature plays a good role, the color of the furniture would continue to change. This is quite common as it is exposed to nature. The original furniture could be light red and you would add some brighteners and cleaners. However, sooner or later, it would slowly fade and eventually approach silver gray. In order to preserve the brownish-golden color, you should make sure that you sand the furniture frequently. The other most important aspect is the application of oil. This would help to maintain the color and shine.

Cedar and garden furniture

The wood called cedar is used to make the cedar patio furniture. This is maintained by applying and oiling, this is an aromatic oil and helps to get rid of pests. This is ideal for outdoor use and the main reason is the smell. The smell that this wood produces keeps away pests and even rodents. In summer, this wood stays cold and would not absorb the sun's heat. The color of it is also an ideal cinnamon color. This is one of the most elegant ways to give the terrace color and beauty. You can not or do not have a garden; However, these furniture would help to make the garden look beautiful.

If there are different types of furniture, you may wonder why we still advocate wood. That's because it's closer to nature. It helps preserve a rustic look outdoors.

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