Antique Pine Wardrobe Victorian, 19th Century, circa 1890

1stdibs Wardrobe / Armoire – Antique 19Th Century Circa 1890 French Victorian Pine

Opt for pine wardrobes to add a natural aesthetic to your interior. The surface of these wardrobes is beautifully spotted with natural traces of wood. This solid and durable storage option offers many benefits and is the first choice for your clothes, household linen, shoes and accessories.

You can store everything that needs to be stored in pine wood cabinets without being scratched or damaged. It is often clothes that appear first in our heads and are put in a wardrobe. But if you have other valuable things to organize and keep clear, such as artifacts, delicate tools, exercise materials, etc., these cabinets prove to be safe and stable storage.

If you want to coat your wardrobe, do not use thick oil paints, as they will cover the natural wooden signs on the surface and affect the aesthetics of your wardrobe. Your color option should be a bright color that does not plaster the surface. Lacquer gives the wood a natural shine and protects it from woodlice or other damage.

Combining pine wardrobes with other furniture in your room can be difficult as they have a natural look. Your chairs and table should also have a similar structure and look. If you put your closet in your bedroom, keep the curtains and carpet similarly rustic. All other furniture such as your bed, dressing table, stool or chair should have the same rural appeal.

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