Einzelbett / Gästebett Kiefer Vollholz massiv Eichefarben A27, inkl. Lattenrost – Abmessung 90 x 200

Jugendbett Tolosa 04 inkl. Staukasten und Lattenrost, massiv, Farbe: Eiche Braun – 180 x 200 cm (B x

Can we go to the terrace together to enjoy the warmth of the soft, beautiful sunbeams? Winter has immobilized the bodies and the cold has restricted freedom of movement, but now, when the harsh winter days are over, it's time to enjoy the sun. Sun loungers on the patio or next to the pool invite you to take a few minutes out of your busy life and relax in the sun - the best and most complimentary resource for vitamin D!

The excellent structure and design of your loungers make the best offer of the season for you. Do not miss the opportunity to purchase a unique yet fashionable product from the furniture shops. There are discount offers for many products and many items are offered in limited quantities. Once they have disappeared, you may not be able to find them anymore, just friends at home. They will seduce you there and regret that you have missed the opportunity.

Would you love the wooden frame sunbeds? They look beautiful in their natural surroundings, but the metal frame is no less chic and modern. They contrast the green and colorful surroundings and complement your seating area. The pillows that you choose for your lounger can change their appearance greatly. So, if you find that one of these pillows does not meet your criteria, choose a pillow that suits your taste. Beautiful colors and different degrees of softness are available.

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