Esstisch aus Eichenholz-Altholz im Industriedesign… – #aus #eiche #EichenholzA…

Esstisch aus Eichenholz-Altholz im Industriedesign… – #aus #eiche #EichenholzAltholz #Esstisch #im

Wooden tables are among the most popular tables in the world. They can be found in almost all homes, offices and other facilities. Their popularity is based on the fact that they bring the natural feeling and taste into every room in which they are used. One type of wood table you could invest in is the oak table, and there are several reasons why you need one or more.


Oak tables are very versatile, whether they are round, rectangular or square. They literally fit rooms with different settings. In addition, the table can be dressed elegant or rustic.


Oak is traditionally a durable type of wood. An oak table is not only strong, but also very robust. It is also very easy to clean and care for.


Although wooden tables can usually be processed in different ways, tables made of oak wood can be given a modern touch, which makes an important contribution to the protection of the table surface.

Resistance to pests

In contrast to other types of wood, oak is very resistant to fungus and insects, which is made possible by the high tannin content of the wood. Oak tables therefore last a long time.

Natural charm

There is no wood that looks as natural as oak, which is very evident in oak tables. The wood has grains that appeal to the eye.

It is indeed for the reasons mentioned above why tables and other oak furniture are sold at high prices.

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