Graduated Teal Rug

NEW Graduated Teal Rug, L 240 x W 170cm £550

Desire to decorate your home can create the most beautiful interiors as you gain insight into the harmony between them. There are no fixed rules for the colors. Nature has created countless shades of color for every primary color. Blue-green rugs are a colorful option for flooring, and you can make them a great idea in your living room with a touch of yellow or light gray. Sofas, curtains, curtains, valances, upholstery, lampshades and cushions in the living room give you the opportunity to creatively deal with colors.

The mixing together of the colors is an art. You can have your teal carpet in many different colors in stripes or shapes. With this type of rug, you have the opportunity to match the other things in the living room with one of the shades in stripes. The contrast to the matching colors makes your carpet look brighter and more eye-catching. However, if you have dark cyan colors, choose lighter shades for contrast. However, if you have the option to add them in small quantities, you can also use dark shades such as orange and red. Do not repeat them and do not overpower them.

White and light pink look cool and adorable with teal carpets if you will add them in large quantity or repeat them. The structure of your rug is also important. Thick-pile wool carpets look soft and warm. The creation of warmth through fabric upholstery sofa or capitular sofa with extra cushions makes your room overall cozy. So choose your carpet and artistically combine its blue shades with the surroundings.

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