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The "carpet belt" that spreads throughout this part of Asia, where India, Afghanistan, Persia (Iran), Turkey, etc. are located, is Persia. The rugs woven in Iran have particularly high-quality material and more elaborate designs. Having a Persian carpet at home is a luxury and a style of its own. Carpet weaving is prehistoric in Persia and this demonstrates the sophistication of this ability, which has become epic in the course of time and experience.

As already mentioned, the elaborate designs of the Persian rug are exclusive, you can find some very elegantly woven rugs on the market. If it is woven by hand, it is very expensive. There are also machine-made carpets that are cheaper. The material of carpets is silk, wool or cotton. These natural fibers have the ability to remain intact in the form of a carpet for up to eighty years, if they are manufactured according to the right rules and maintained during use.

Chemical fibers are considered to be the least favored fibers, which is why the carpets woven with nylon fibers have a nominal price. Many traders sell machine-made Persian rugs as a handwoven product. If you want to buy hand woven rugs, contact a trusted shop. Usually, people with years of experience in fabrics and carpets can feel the carpet between their fingers and see if it's made by humans or machines. You can buy a Persian carpet with someone who is able to distinguish between pure fiber carpet and nylon carpet.

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