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The choice of combination for the living room is probably additional, but to refer to the space used as the various criteria. If the room is huge and combines seating and dining areas, in each zone the current look is not just represented by victimizing quite different mixes of the chosen combination or by complete separation. Color washes are effective to preserve the sunshine and fresh feeling. The best and hottest colors for living rooms are listed for your reference.

For example, during a gentle color change that joins the different areas together, clear, unexperienced spring could be applied to the walls while the decor and decoration do not outline each room. Blues work well when many shades are used. You should therefore paint feeding chairs or mix blue and white on the cushions. Retype the wall paint for table linen, which is darker and process-colored, such as a deeper tone of inexperience or another blue. The seating area could be set up with a completely different distinction, such as white on board an equivalent blues and greens.

The pattern in the current combination is versatile and can be tailored to light and light checks, stripes and geometries as well as flower patterns as primary colors. Cheerful fashionable flowers give a helpful indication that the transport along the main colors of the room consists of different mixtures. A Aim for them in dusty pink and inexperienced spring, lilac and cream or herbs and spicy masculinity. Newer color blends allow for a light, youthful look that pertains to a simple and informal life, wherever the colors are light and true, and therefore the atmosphere rises. Against the background of these delicate shades, acquire a different color or 2 under restricted parts, such as: B. flowers.

The youngest vestibule must be the main focus of the idea of ​​size. Distribute selected pieces of furniture, curtains, or rugs to preserve areas of sunshine or neutral colors, white or cream-colored victimization materials, or the most dreadful hint of your main color. To enhance the feeling of freshness, make decorative details and ornaments look simple, clean and match the color theme of the room. Here, where less in addition, the main objective is laid out on the compound areas of the new color lime inexperienced, herbal yellow, sabbatical combined with light, simple objects, plants, flowers and furniture.

Understandably, patterns and ornaments should also preserve that lightness and freshness that are so intense material that they seem too oppressive. Likewise, ornaments, pictures and accessories should reflect an equally harmonious color and lightness of quality as the rest of the room. Natural lightness for the colors of the living room helps to improve the color quality of recent times. Green and yellow become extremely bright in clear daylight, while pinks and violets counteract another plot.

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