Honeycomb Shelf- Hexagon Shelf- Shelf- Dark Brown Shelf- Wood Shelf- Honeycomb- Hexagon

This beautiful honeycomb shelf is available in a variety of colors. Please see photos for color options. Dimensions: 21 inches height 24 inches wide 3 1/4 inches depth If youre unable to receive packages from USPS and/or FedEx to the shipping address you provide at checkout, you must notify us

Your sunglasses, cell phone, car keys, purse, etc., must be stored quickly and for a short while in a place where you are busy doing business. In these moments, a wooden shelf is practical. In the living room, in the hallway or even on the balcony, some wooden shelves in chic style can be attached, so you can accommodate your little accessories for some time. You can keep a traditional clockwork, a small flower vase, a beautiful stature, a bronze ornament or other decorative items on the shelves to use as a compliment anywhere.

A wooden shelf in the bathroom is a great decor and decoration idea. You can place a number of items on the shelf in the bathroom. Make it big or small depending on your storage needs. Creating different designs with the wooden shelf is easy as you have dozens of ideas in the shelf design. Take a look at the pictures below to get lots of shelving ideas.

Wooden shelf can be made easily and quickly with little material. You can buy some wooden boards and get ideas from websites, pictures below and your own creative imagination. Choose the width of the wooden boards to keep the shelves practical and space-saving. To make them slip-proof, nail an edge or edge in front of the shelves with an innovative idea. Paint your shelves with bright and adorable colors. By painting the shelves they are preserved from aging and wear in a short time.

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