How to Reface Kitchen Cabinets

press the veneer cabinet door refacing veneer kitchen cabinets

Have you decided to revise your kitchen cabinet? This is a better option than a conversion if your cabinets are structurally stable and in good condition. If the original housing has cracks or leaks, the frames are broken, or the housing is damaged, the entire conversion is required. By refitting you not only save time, but also halve the cost. You can also use your kitchen during the renovation. For the revision of the kitchen cabinet, only the cover of the open frame with thin veneer made of plastic or wood laminate is required. The color of the veneer can be chosen to match your furniture and other furnishings.

Veneers are available in different colors, textures, styles, patterns, designs and more. You can choose according to your wishes and secure a perfect finish for your kitchen cabinet at an affordable price. The wood veneer is little more expensive than the plastic veneer and also requires a careful seal against moisture. The only advantage of the conversion compared to the conversion of kitchen cabinets is that the conversion of your kitchen gives a new design. If you can spend more, the design of your kitchen changes completely.

You can contact professional installers who come to your home, measure the cabinet frames, and analyze the amount of veneer needed, the hardware needed, and the right door sizes for cabinets and drawers. Once they have received all the material, they continue to repair it properly. If the old veneer already exists, it will be removed first and then repaired. The professional installers are experts when it comes to making the structure smooth and safe.

You can choose to revise the kitchen cupboard only where it is needed. You can select the selected areas where the redesign is needed and enhance the look of your kitchen. If some of the old cabinets are in good condition, you can skip them to revise them. This saves you time and money. The redesign can be done within only 3-5 days! You even have full access to your kitchen when the work is in progress. When the rebuild is complete, the entire setup is disrupted and you have to wait for the work to finish.

The normal redesign of a typical 10ft by 12ft kitchen can cost you between $ 1,000 and $ 4,000. For real wood veneer, the cost will be higher, somewhere between 2500 and 6000 US dollars. The costs increase for larger projects and depending on the quality and type of veneer used. These costs are still far below the conversion costs. Even replacing the cabinet covers will give your kitchen a nice new look at a very affordable cost.

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