How to Sew Blackout Lining to Store Bought Curtains

Wanting a better good night’s sleep? This tutorial will show you how to sew blackout lining to regular store-bought curtains!

Why do people use blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains are used by many people to protect their home from sound and light. Life has become busy at the present time and thus privacy is not respected. To preserve privacy and maintain a sound sleep, people have started to use the blackout curtains. The blackout curtains are available in different colors. Among the most decorative curtains include the white blackout curtains.

Features of white blackout curtains

The white blackout curtains are closely interwoven with the fabrics and usually consist of several layers. The blackout curtains serve to protect against light and outside temperature. But the white blackout curtains are never heavy; They are easy. The blackout curtains are available in good quality and are similar to the normal decorative curtains.

People usually get the impression that the white blackout curtains have brilliant features, so they lack the beauty. But that's not correct. The white blackout curtains are available in different designs and also decorative. The white blackout curtains are also available in different materials. If you want to give the bedroom a royal touch, you can use the material such as silk and satin. When the silk material is used, the curtains are heavily pleated giving a decorative appearance. White is the color that is suitable for any kind of room decor. So it's no problem to match it with the room. It is usually tuned with the accessories.

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