Italian Mid Century Murano Art Glass Pendant Light Anzolo Fuga Attributed, AVeM

Italian Mid Century Murano Art Glass Pendant Light Anzolo Fuga Attributed, AVeM

At the first introduction of light bulbs, the lampshades should protect the bulb from bumps and scratches. This was the main purpose, but there should be other benefits as well, such as focusing light on a particular area and preventing stranding into larger areas where it was not needed. Mostly the lampshades are attached to pendant lights in balconies, gardens and terraces, but since the introduction of the concept of pendant lights, the lampshades have taken a new turn in the design and decoration of living spaces. Pendant lights are available in different colors, styles and sizes today. You can hang pendant lights anywhere in your house and enjoy the individual look of the lights.

Glass shades are for decoration purposes only. The glint of the glass surrounding the bulb increases the light and makes the room brighter. Metal shades in catchy colors bring life into your interior day and night. Whether the bulb is lit or not, the metal shade with its appealing modern color ensures that your room is well accentuated.

The best part about these colors is that you remove them and wash them clean when dust particles are deposited on them. Replace them for a nice change in your interior. For example, attach glass umbrellas to your pendant lights to increase the brightness in the living room. To hold the light on your kitchen island, attach a small circle to your pendant light. With modern, innovative designs of pendant lights your home looks alive!

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