Jensen Round Table, Glass/Walnut

Jensen Round Glass Dining Table | west elm

The mealtime is one of the most exciting and friendly times in a family's life. You can enhance your dining experience and make it more enjoyable by placing a round glass dining table in your dining room. The round shape is an essential feature to create a simple way of discussion and exchange of ideas while you have dinner.

The round table is not only a lovely way to offer food to your loved ones, but also gives your dining room a certain aesthetic. You may have noticed that the round shape is closely related to our eating habits. The plates, saucers, cups, glasses, pots, etc. are all circular. The round shape increases the comfort of our mealtime.

The round glass dining table is a chic option for your modern dining room. The sheen of crystal clear glass adds personality to your table and dining room. Chrome-based tables are more visually appealing when it comes to the contemporary design of your space. The chairs are two shades most popular - white and black. You can also have acrylic chairs. They fit nicely to the table.

The pictures below can give you a clear picture of what your dining room will look like with a round glass table. From two chairs to six chairs and from a medium sized table to a large table, all the options in the dining sets are readily available. So make your choice accordingly.

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