Linen Slipcovered Couch-Tutorial

SimplyLinen: Linen Slipcovered Couch-Tutorial

Your expensive sofa needs to be maintained, and only proper use ensures the ultimate in cleanliness and longevity. Sofa covers are a simple and elegant way to protect your sofa from damage. If your sofa is getting old and you want to change its appearance, nothing is as affordable as a slipcover. You can make one at home or buy a finished one from the market. With some variations in the design and style of a sofa cover, you can freshen up your living room and make it look more trendy.

Three things can help you choose your sofa covers. First, choose machine washable fabric. This is not easy to wash with your hands and often stubborn stains are not easily removed if you do not wash them in the washing machine. Second, you will find thick, cotton-made covers, as they are resistant to abrasion and when hanging on the sofa neither hang nor buckle. Third, measure your sofa several times so you can choose a perfect size for the cover.

Let us now turn to the style and design of your sofa cover. It would be great to choose beautiful colors and multipart covers. Other parts in a protective case make it more suitable and look better. All parts can be separated (not sewn together) and distributed separately on the back, arm and seat of the sofa. The positive thing about them is that you can wash each piece separately. But the negative aspect is that they do not completely cover every corner of your sofa.

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