ŁÓŻKO TIPI BED – Scandi Room

ŁÓŻKO TIPI BED – Scandi Room

Choosing cribs requires more safety than your fashion and style concerns. A child is a bit older when he is ready to move from his cot to a new bed, but you must choose your bed with the utmost care. The possibility is still great that he turns around at night and falls into bed. The first feature of toddler beds are therefore built-in rails or high sides. And despite built-in rails, you should choose a bed that is low and close to the ground so your toddler will not be seriously injured while playing when falling off the bed.

Keep the headboard against the wall, not the side of the bed, so that your little child is not trapped between the side of the bed and the wall. Although the odds are slim, you need to be more careful with the most active babies. When counting all your care tips at the time of choosing your crib and putting it up in your room, remember not to place it too close or under the window. Windows allow a direct supply of cold into the room, which is not good for your child in winter, and sleeping near an open window is not safe for a child.

Choose heavy and wooden cribs because they stay intact in their place. If your child jumps and plays on his bed, no joints will break loose and the bed will not move from his place.

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