Make a removeable chair or sofa cover

Make a removeable chair or sofa cover | Life and style | The Guardian

Are you looking for tips for choosing your sofa cover? Then try the following points carefully. When you think about the sofa covers that you want to buy for your sofa set, you should understand the nature of the style of your sofa. Just as you care about the weight of the fabric, the color, the texture and the fit of the dress you are wearing, you also have to worry about the fabric, the color, the texture and the fit of the sofa cover. Pay attention to the points that are best suited for the color of the wall and the other furniture.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when purchasing the sofa cover for your sectional sofa:

  • The covers you will find on the market change the look of your sofa without altering the actual feel of the underlying structure. So, if the feathers of the sofa stick out or your sofa is lumpy, only slipcovers will not work so well. Since a slipcover is merely a cosmetic change, it does not change the structure of the sofa. So you need to fix the issues before you buy a cover. Otherwise, these costs are not useful.
  • There are many different types of coatings with different looks, from tailored to flowing, loose coverings. You have to decide if you want to relax or equip it with the sofa. However, it is better to choose a tailor-made one as it projects the lines and edges of the sofa and gives it a formal look.
  • You need to check the weight of the fabric, as some fabrics are heavy and can not fit properly in the sofa. Choose the medium weight fabrics.
  • Textured fabrics such as damask twill and denim provide a wrinkle-free look, and you get the real feel of the furniture.
  • Check the shape of the covers. Because sometimes you find a cover that is very attractive and fits your preferences but may not be equipped with your sofa. It is very important that the cover fits well to avoid a clumsy and strange appearance. If the shape of the cover is in order, the shape of your sofa will be achieved by using the cover.
  • Details of the cover sheet should be checked, as piping is an attractive component of a cover sheet. You can buy the cover with piping or make yourself. Contrast piping is a good point to project the lines of the sofa.
  • The sofa cover must not touch the floor. Your length should be appropriate. You can also leave the bottom of your sofa free.

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