Mercer Island Project: Guest Bathroom

Small guest bathroom with dark custom vanity, gray vanity, modern traditional bathroom | Studio McGee Blog

A bathroom cabinet is a piece of furniture that is combined with one or two sinks and is used to store aesthetic elements and bathroom accessories. Vanities also act as focal points or main attraction of a bathroom. The vanities in the bathroom are equipped with tabletops, which are usually made of wood, marble, cement and much more. They also offer a decorative decor for the bathroom.

Options and selection of vanities.

There are different types of washbasins such

The washstand sits on the floor, which is fastened with screws to a wall.

The washbasin is mounted on a wall. These species are very common in modern times.

These washbasins are made of glass and give the bathroom a state-of-the-art look.

The size of the bathroom vanities differs from the width of the washbasin over the entire length of the bathroom. It is important to consider the size of your own bathroom and to choose accordingly. The bathroom vanities are not only rectangular but also oval and rectangular with embedded sinks and sharp and curvy edges. Try to buy vanity tops between 32 and 34. This is also the average height of the kitchen tables. This way you can use the sink without having to bend too much. Make sure the sink has as many drawers and drawers as possible to store medicines, supplies and towels. If more than two people are present, opt for double sinks.

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