Mid Century Modern – retro – hand painted drawers – geometric design – bedroom f…

Mid Century Modern – retro – hand painted drawers – geometric design – bedroom furniture – chest of drawers This geometric Bowie inspired design was hand painted on wooden drawers to modernise this mid century style piece . The 3 drawers are treated and sealed with varnish and framed by a #bedroomfurniture #cream

One bedroom is undoubtedly the most versatile and adaptable room in the house. In this room we enjoy the greatest comfort in our daily lives. Aside from what it is known to sleep, the bedroom is the place where we dress every day and keep our clothes. Therefore, it is a need to spice it up with a variety of furniture. A bedroom furniture set consists of a main bed frame with soft mattresses and an amazing selection of chests of drawers, mirrors, chests, headboards and bedside tables. Cream-colored bedroom furniture is the most sought-after style as it is very pleasing to the eye and the warm cream color creates an ambience of tranquility and tranquility. The neutral look of cream bedroom furniture can be easily combined with any decor.

Coordination of various bedroom furniture pieces with cream background:

The upholstery of the headboard of the bed is made of cream or beige feathered linen over wood to add sophistication and elegance. The duvet is also in peach-cream with small stripes on the surface. This provides a contemporary look. A chest of drawers and a double cream cream oak wardrobe complete the bedroom. A hand-crafted bedside table with cream and ivory trim and a silver-embossed metallic look gives the room the ultimate sheen. A cream sofa bed is an additional attraction that can be incorporated.

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