No-Sew T-shirt Rag Rug

No-Sew T-shirt Rag Rug

The rich texture of patchwork attracts your heart. They are really fantastic. To add some colors that are crazy mixed together, you have no other idea that is better than getting a patchwork quilt for your living room. They are big or small, but in every size they are a charming piece of fabric that you can not resist admiring.

Rag rugs come in many different designs and structures. Do you like those with the lush thick pile? It feels good underfoot, not to mention its aesthetic appeal. The more you select the shreds of soft and light fabric, the better your carpet will feel.

It's not just your living room where you need to spread your patchwork quilt. You can use it as a colorful, innovative addition to your chair inside or outside your home. It makes your sitting more comfortable as you can spread it under your arm and when you cuddle on the chair, hold it under your feet to prevent them from getting cold or numb. And if you do not sit in the chair, your little carpet will remain beautifully decorated!

Are they washable? This question arises for any housewife who is aware of the hygiene of the home environment. Yes, you can be lucky that every patchwork is washable. Buy a collection of carpet rugs in different sizes and colors for your home and enjoy the unique aesthetics of your interior.

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