Oakland Single Wardrobe

Chambery Grey Single Wardrobe – The Cotswold Company

For special clothing, a wardrobe is the best idea. You can hang a special garment in it that needs to be kept separate for extra care, and above all protect it that you believe may be damaged. For example, your woolen coats need extra care and protection. You should store them in a high-security closet that the fabric-teasing moth can not sneak into. When this moth reaches the pure wool coats or sweaters, small holes are drilled in the fabric. This damage can not be repaired.

A single wardrobe is also suitable for those garments that you keep for special occasions and do not want to get ruffled every day as you get ready to go out. These can be silk dresses, party dresses and other garments that need more security. Your wardrobe with your everyday comfort is equipped with casual and some formal garments.

You can create the right environment in your wardrobe that matches the type of clothes you hang there. Frequent sunbathing of your wardrobe is essential to avoid moths and other harmful organisms that destroy tissues of pure fibers. This is possible if you only have a wardrobe. Easy to empty and take in the sun and easy to reorganize.

Check these options on this page and find a part that fits your living environment and clothes. You can have one with a drawer at the bottom to place accessories or a pair of shoes.

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