River – Blau Teppich 80×200 Moderner, Läufer Teppich RugvistaRugvista

benuta Trends Flachgewebeteppich Frencie Rot/Blau 300×400 cm – Vintage Teppich im Used-Lookbenuta.de

Carpets have been in our decor for centuries and a room decoration is incomplete without them. Carpets are made in large quantities in various styles and patterns that are available at reasonable prices. But if you are looking for something that is unique and reflects your class, you should own a hand-woven rug. Hand-woven carpets are a beautiful piece of furniture that gives elegance to the room. It adds style and comfort and looks so beautiful that the owner is proud of a treasured possession.

Types of hand-woven carpets are:

  • Persian handmade rugs: As the name implies, these rugs are sumptuous and a privilege for the owner of the rug. The designs are contemporary and kept in monochrome colors with different shapes. The edges of the carpets are graceful with geometric and conventional patterns. Flower drawing is also part of these Persian carpets.
  • Caucasian handmade carpets: These rugs are available in a wide range with different names like Baku Chila, Cuba, Talish and many more. These rugs are made of Tuskish colors and the colors used are made entirely of natural materials. It is usually wool only and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can only choose according to your wishes.
  • Oriental handmade carpets: These carpets are colorful with geometric patterns. It still follows the age pattern to make the carpets with asymmetrical knots to form the carpet.
  • Indian handmade rugsHigh-intensity designs inspired by ancient Persian carpets provide perfection in any room size. A material used in the manufacture of Indian carpets is soft and shiny and usually cashmere wool.

Handwoven rugs are exclusive in design and made by experts who have been working in this field for centuries. It is not made with the help of a machine and it takes a long time for a piece to finish. It requires a lot of understanding of the designs and the web method to get class carpets. These carpets are expensive compared to the factory-made carpets.

You can search the internet for various sellers to buy handmade carpets for your home. You must examine in detail the authenticity and reliability of sellers selling handmade original carpets. These carpets are expensive. So do not buy in a hurry, but compare the price and material details in detail to get the best deals. You can even contact the artist who makes and sells carpets. You can even adapt it to the interior of your room or house.

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