Round Crochet Trim Bath Mat

Round Crochet Trim Bath Mat | Urban Outfitters

Time for a renovation of your bathroom! The first thing you start with is your shower curtain. This little piece of cloth has the power to turn your bathroom into a place where you feel fresh and good. And the designs and styles you find on the market are so fabulous that it can be a breeze to keep your shower area comfortable. But wait! They forget one thing. While you are choosing the best and most beautiful shower curtain, you should think a little about the color theme of your bathroom and the space you have for a curtain. Find a curtain that matches the size of the available space.

For a bathroom with a white wall paint, use a white surface cloth with shells and starfishes. If your bathroom has an elegant floral decoration, choose a red flower fabric against a white surface. This can be an indication of how to choose the color and design of your curtains.

Curtain aprons should be resistant to corrosion, as the moist air of the bathroom acts directly on the metal and the bar and rings rust quickly. You can get a wooden pole or aluminum crocodile would be perfect. The more your bathroom has neat and clear furniture and a great decoration, the more you have the opportunity to accentuate your curtains with beautiful details in the form of flounces. Adding small bells with curtains is another great idea to add personality to your shower curtain!

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