Saddle Stool – Ivory/White Wash

Saddle Stool – Ivory/White Wash – Raw Decor

You may find it uncomfortable, but despite the strange and unusual seating, the saddle stool has many advantages. This sitting position is just like a rider on a horseback. Knees apart and back straight, you think that's not a proper way to sit. In fact, the health benefits of saddle seating have made him the first choice for all office workers sitting on their desks for a long time.

What makes Saddle Stool so popular? In short, the muscles of your legs, back and arm are in a more comfortable working position. While you are sitting, your knees are apart and the blood in the veins of your thighs can flow more freely. The more blood you have, the less pain or immobility you feel in your legs when you get up.

Efficiently reaching objects on or around your table is only possible when your body is free to move and nothing in your seating option prevents you from doing so. Conventional ergonomic chairs do not allow you this freedom of movement. Sit with your knees spread for a moment and try to get to the right and left of the other end of the table. You can see that you have a broader approach to them. This is the reason that sitting in a saddle-like position is more practical.

If you're new to working on a saddle stool, visit Badbacks or Amazon for comfortable, soft and adjustable seats in chic colors and designs.

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