Sloped ceiling with frameless skylight. Floating picture shelf. Steel framed pat…

Sloped ceiling with frameless skylight. Floating picture shelf. Steel framed patio doors with recessed curtain track / Oliver Leech Architects / St Maur Road

You can always go for fabric curtains if you want to style your terrace. Patio door curtains also offer a gentle touch of softness. Find out about the facility that is currently available at your home. In this way, you get decorative ideas for curtains that complement each other in style and color. Also, consider which type of curtain best suits your personal preferences, lifestyle and patio door features.

Create a pleasant style

Patio door curtains can always be used as a tool for decorating a tired room or for contracting the furniture of the room. For example, choose curtains with an exotic animal motif, such as a leopard spot or zebra crossing. This reinforces the exotic aura. Distinctive graphic patterns such as bizarre designs, geometric figures and eye-catching stripes on window covers complete the edgy style. Cascading the patio door curtains with taupe, white fabric or even silky black gives the room a bright look while using traditional furniture. Try drapes made of natural fabrics such as burlap, linen or even cotton to create an eco-friendly atmosphere.

Beautify the curtains

Try out decorative embellishments to personalize the curtains as a unique treat for your patio door. To create an increased visual interest, you should use fabric braids, ribbons, colorful tassels or even sparkling beads along the top hem. Try adding pieces of fabric along the bottom hem to stylishly extend the curtains just outside the patio door. To keep the draped curtains elegant, try attaching the curtain brackets to the walls that are adjacent to the patio doors.

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