Stefan Nikolaus, Autor auf NIKOLAUS-LUENEBUR… – Seite 13 von 35

Stefan Nikolaus, Autor auf NIKOLAUS-LUENEBUR… – Seite 13 von 35

A storage space in your garden is essential, whether your garden is big or small. From the smallest gardening tool to the lawnmower, it must be stored carefully, otherwise it will rusty and unusable. You can also store bags of manure and fertilizer there. Since these things are harmful when kept in the house, the best place for them is a garden camp.

If your gardening tools are a small collection, a small, cabin-like storage is ideal. You can organize your big tools on the floor, while the smaller tools can be neatly hung on the walls. Store your garden shelf with paint to protect it from moisture and the weather and protect your garden tools from rust. Often a strong wind blows over the garden shelf to avoid this situation, fasten the cabin next to the garden fence or make it in the shape of a box whose length is less than its width. The large rectangular floor can sit more firmly on the floor than a high cabin.

You can store your own garden and get the bare essentials like wooden boards, screws, nails, hinges, door locks, one or two bolts and of course a paint bucket. You need simple tools like a saw, a hammer, a screwdriver and sometimes pliers to build your garden storage. Before purchasing the material, decide on the dimensions and design of the warehouse to buy the appropriate amount of everything you need.

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