Storage Solutions for a Skinny Linen Closet

Make the most of every inch you have in your linen closet by using these smart and savvy storage solutions for table linens, batteries, medicine, towels, blankets and more!

Wardrobes are a functional way to save extra space and store at a low cost. However, organizing them can be a small task if you do not take them with the weight they deserve. This is because the wardrobes tend to attract more than just the bedding, which makes them a storage container for many things that are used in the bathroom and bed. Things are usually at stake because we probably do not have time to run a small organization. However, spending a little more time organizing your linen closet will save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run. Here are a few guidelines on how to effectively organize your closet.

Think about where laundry items are used

Wardrobes are for the purpose of functionality only. Therefore, it is a good place to start wondering where the stuff clogged in the cabinet is used. Where do you use the towels, pillows, sheets and the rest of the utensils and what is every item needed for?

Identify what should be stored in the cabinet

In fact, 20% of what people own is what is in use most of the time. To determine what you want to save, categorize the items by purpose and purpose. Things that are not needed or not needed should be relocated or donated as needed. For larger items, you may need to think outside the box. For example, a pillowcase for a linen closet might be too large, so the fact that it is a pillow does not make it right to put it in the closet.

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