Wandmonat Cast Iron & Poplar Swing-Out Bar Stool/Sitzplätze für Küchen Inseln, Patios, Bars, Restaurants, Counters, Grillplätze

Die Schaukel Sitz ist auch bekannt als oder aufgerufen wurde: suspendiert Swing, Küchenhocker, platzsparende Hocker, Schmiedeeisen Stuhl, Hocker Swing, Insel Küchenhocker, schwimmende Sitz schwebende Hocker Vintage Insel Hocker befestigt Insel, rückenfreie Insel Hocker. Wir nennen es einfach als Swing, Sitz. Dies sind die besten, dass Sie überall, finden sie die Original-Design, stolz Cast & Made mit den besten Materialien in den USA sind. Die Schaukel Sitze sind eine tolle Alternative Sitzg…

It's a fantastic idea to set up a terrace bar in your house. You can enjoy your favorite drinks in a relaxed environment and among your own family members or friends. The choice of weather and time for drinking and collecting is also yours. You can creatively design and design your terrace bar. Start new themes, sample vintage ideas and other modern styles in your patio, and visit a unique bar that attracts your friends and acquaintances.

If you put the bar under little shade, you can use your place versatile in any weather. Whether it's raining or the sun is shining, you'll feel comfortable as you sit in your small open bar and enjoy the beautiful weather with your drinks. The following images will give you some ideas on how to make your small outdoor bar in the shade.

The lighting options in your bar are very important. At night, these lights create a specific effect with the color and voltage you choose. Weak golden lights are traditionally in keeping with the ambience of the bar. Hold the bulbs indirectly for dramatic effects. The indirect light that falls on the entire interior envelops the entire area with peace and quiet.

Your terrace bar reflects your taste in designing and designing. Make it personalized with your creativity and imagination. Choose the furniture and small storage space that matches your patio size and decoration. Keep the color combination of your bolt, too calming and heartwarming.

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