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Are you planning a kitchen renovation? There are dozens of kitchen change ideas that will give you a fuller idea of ​​what to do and where to start. Since not every kitchen has similar conditions and not every family has the same likes and dislikes, go through the available images here and see how you can tailor the many transformation ideas to your own ideas and needs.

Here are some pictures that will show you how some kitchens looked after the conversion. Look at the cabinets for how to renovate them. Do you only need new paint or do you need to replace it with a new cabinet set? That depends on how worn they are. You can leave the oven if you like the vintage value. The repainting of the cabinets and the replacement of the wall tiles bring variety to the kitchen. Paint the walls according to the color of the tiles and cabinets.

Lights and fixtures are essentially being replaced, as they are not only great fixtures, they also serve as decorations. Modern pendant lights are a suitable option. If you replace the sink and faucets with a more contemporary design element, you can redesign your kitchen. Backsplash of your kitchen will grab your attention as you carefully select the design and style. Adjust it to the color of the cabinets, but contrast the wall color. Other kitchen items that can change your kitchen include curtains, floor carpets, shelves, as well as table and chairs.

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