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We design and make bespoke furniture made from 100% recycled timber, a new and innovative approach to furniture design. Everything we do is handmade with great care and attention to detail. We know…

It is not always the accuracy that makes the best choice for home furniture. Some handmade furniture give the environment uniqueness. Even if it is a small stool or a small chair, it has a special edgy look that distracts attention. It has a vintage aura, a way of life of our ancestors and a glimpse of the glory of ancient human civilization. Sounds epic!

Handcrafted furniture, while rough and sturdy, does not look bad, but looks natural and spontaneous. The pure solid wood from which it is carved is sturdy and durable. You can paint it according to your choice and your wishes with a color that suits your home environment. If you use neutral colors, you can maintain the natural surface look of the furniture, which is a plus. You can see the heavy and cute handmade pieces of furniture in the pictures below. They look completely natural despite their painted surface.

Color is important to extend the life of the wood and protect it from deterioration and destructive wood lice. These vintage pieces of furniture are a great heritage and show a classic lifestyle. If you want to place them in your room or on the terrace, combine them with matching furniture. Add colored upholstery to the benches and chairs, and place them in a wider area as they require spacious spaces. Large rooms and patios, gardens, balconies, terraces etc. are the best places for handmade furniture.

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