#wood #walnut #bathroom

#wood #walnut #bathroom

Bathroom furniture for guest toilet

There are no strict rules for the choice of washbasin. The size of the bathroom affects the size of the washbasins. The guest toilet is the smallest room in the house and usually has a small vanity. The guest toilet is not used for bathing, so you do not need to keep the bath towels, shampoos and dryers. The vanity has a sink with a very low countertop and is big enough to access the toilet.

Bathroom vanity for guest room

The style of the bathroom can complement the style of the room and the house. It is said that if the house is artisan-style, the clean drawn shaking vanity style is best suited to it. The pedestal sink works well in the guest toilet and there is no counter space. So the pedestal sinks in the guest bathroom or in the master bath are not preferred. The vanity for the guest room or the corridor is different. The washbasin should be big enough to take care of the mess, and it should also be able to hold the bathware.

The drawers are preferably mounted under the cabinets of the sink. If possible, you should choose the 60-inch washbasin that can hold the two sinks. The needs of the guests are very simple. You should have the places provided for the storage of cosmetics and hairdryers. For the storage room for children you should make one big enough for them to enjoy it.

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