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Free Crochet Peter Pan Collar Patterns – Crafty Tutorials

Free Crochet Peter Pan Collar Pattern. List of free crochet peter pan collar…

A crochet collar sample is a straightforward enterprise and may be made inside no time. It may be worn over any plain shirt and a button can be added. A impartial colored collar can go along with virtually any sort of blouse. In case one has a big assortment of impartial colored shirt, a brightly colored crochet collar is the superb selection. Let’s take a look on the varied fantastic patterns of crocheted collar.


The Royal Woman Collar sample has a ribbon instead of the traditional button. An extended ribbon may be weaved by means of the open stitches so as to add extra color.

Romantic crochet cowl collar is 2 in a single sample as a result of the sew sample may be lengthened into an extended scarf.

Romantic ruffle collar has a good condition and the layers relaxation on one another. A button closure is appropriate for this collar sample.

Peter Pan removable collar may be made for each kids and grownup. The Reversible indifferent collar may be buttoned both on the entrance or on the again.

Another examples of crochet collar sample embrace Band and frill collar, Double V collar, Sq. ribbed collar, Crocheted collar with trim, Jabot in knot sew, Cameo collar, Mesh internet collar, Irish crochet collar, Shell mesh collar, Lace frill collar, Eton collar set, Black velvet collar, Jeweled collar, Motif collar, Beaded collar, Round bib collar, West level collar and Seafoam collar.

There are various extra sensible and classy patterns of crocheted collars.

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